Computer Engineers a Canada Immigration Priority Occupation

Featuring as a target occupation under both the Global Talent Streamand BC PNP Tech Pilot, Computer Engineers are some of the most sought-after technology workers for Canada immigration,

This means that qualified Computer Engineers are at the front of the line for Canada work permits and Canada immigration.

Through the flagship Global Talent Stream, Computer Engineers (NOC 2147) with a job offer qualify for two-week processing of a Canada work permit.

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Duties of a Computer Engineer

  • Study user requirements, design and develop systems specifications and its architecture,
  • Integrate, research, design and construct computer hardware as well as telecommunications systems,
  • Develop and undertake research confirmation simulations and prototype bench tests of various hardware components,
  • Oversee, investigate and provide support, where needed, to the design team during the various processes in the implementation of the hardware,
  • Initiate and retain customer and employer relations.
  • Manage and organize, on occasion, design engineer and technician teams in the creation, optimization and merging of the hardware.

Duties of a Network System and Telecommunication Engineer

  • Study, outline and create information and communication system networks and its architecture,
  • Research, examine and merge hardware and software of network systems and data communication,
  • Appraise, record and optimize the capability, size and performance of the inflows and outflows of information and the relevant communication system networks,
  • Manage and organize, on occasion, design teams in the creation, optimization and merging of information and communication architecture, hardware and software.

Computer Engineers: Average Salaries In Canada

Qualified and experienced Computer Engineers can expect to make up to $119,200 per year in Canada, according to salary data.

The highest salaries are available in the big cities, including Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Canada’s smaller cities offer lower salaries, but also a lower cost of living. In Quebec City, for example, Computer Engineer salaries top out at $92,800. Targeting the right city, therefore, is important.

Entry-level Computer Engineers can expect to make up to $67,600 in Canada, with Calgary again offering the highest starting salary. As experience grows, salaries will grow too as candidates become increasingly valued.

computer network technician average salaries

How We Can Help Computer Engineers Move to Canada

We offer our international clients top to bottom assistance in both immigration and employment.

For employment, we give all our individual clients a comprehensive job search service through our in-house recruitment enterprises, and

We provide individual Global Talent Stream work permit candidates with:

  1. Comprehensive job search service through our in-house recruitment enterprises, and
  2. Contacts to 500 Canadian employers.
  3. Live face-to-face tutorial on how to harness the power of LinkedIn.
  4. Expert advice on revising online profiles to maximise hiring opportunities.

Once candidates are in Canada and working through the GTS, they can apply for permanent residence through Express Entry or an applicable provincial nomination program (PNP). will maximize your chances with:

  1. Expert advice on how to maximize your profile score in the Express Entry Pool.
  2. Strategies on which areas of your profile could be improved to increase your score.
  3. Targeting provincial Express Entry streams that may be looking for candidates like you.
  4. Exploring the full range of Canada immigration options, both within and outside Express Entry.

How We Can Help Employers Looking To Hire Computer Engineers

If you are an employer looking to recruit foreign talent from abroad, can help. Access our expertise through our in-house recruitment enterprises, and our newest asset,, “the leader in foreign recruitment”.

From technology workers in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, Long-haul truck drivers in the Prairies and doctors in Nova Scotia we are able and ready to help with your search for the right staff to get your business grow.




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