At SkilledWorker we are committed to developing strategic alliances with employers and job seekers alike.

We provide unparalleled recruitment and consulting assistance to companies in Canada facing critical shortages of top talent. 

Our hands-on approach and comprehensive HR package are customized for job seekers looking for their next job in Canada.  

Building a Strong Candidate Profile

We enhance the candidate experience by helping you create a strong employment presence so you can achieve a perfect career opportunity with a Canadian employer. We empower you with important, valuable know-how in your employment search and career choices.

Employment Enhancement and Coaching Package (EECP)
Customized coaching

At we provide you with hands-on help you find a job in Canada.

Our tailor-made, comprehensive HR package will empower you in your job search.

The Employment Enhancement and Coaching Package (EECP) includes 3 comprehensive modules:

EECP Module 1

Canadian-style resume/CV Creation

Cover Letter

Comprehensive database of prospective employers

EECP Module 2

Optimization of LinkedIn profile

Online professional courses

A face-to-face live coaching session

EECP Module 3

Preparation of visual CV

Telephone and face-to-face Interview

Online courses and live coaching