For Job Seekers

Canada offers international skilled professionals excellent settlement opportunities. Finding a qualified hiring employer is also your pathway to temporary or permanent residence in Canada.

At SkilledWorker, we have the inside edge when it comes to finding the best employers in Canada.  We know how to put you in touch with government approved hiring employers in your profession.  And together with the legal professionals at, we know how to get you a work visa to quickly live and work in Canada.

Where do you want to live?

Your choice to work for a qualified sponsoring employer is important.  Canada is a diverse labour market covering 10 provinces and 3-territories. Your visa options often depend on which province you intend to live and work in.  You can rely on our stature as a leading source of excellent possible hiring employers in Canada. And together with the legal professionals at, we know how to keep you there permanently, so you can continue enjoying the excellent quality of life Canada can offer.  

Life is Good in Canada!

What industries are you interested in?

SkilledWorker provides unparalleled recruitment services for employers facing critical shortages of top talent.  And we provide search consulting assistance to candidates interested in living and working in Canada.

Our primary areas of expertise, although not limited to, but primarily include the following industries:


Engineering & IT



Skilled Trades

Health Care