About Us

SkilledWorker is a leading foreign recruitment enterprise bringing top international talent to Canada.

We provide client companies and candidates with integrity, personal attention and confidentiality at the highest professional standards.

We attract and present qualified international candidates to Canadian employers in record time because of our extensive experience, knowledge and unique approach.

We welcome the opportunity to present employers highly qualified international talent in the industries we serve.

So, what exactly is SkilledWorker?

We are glad you inquire! In exceedingly abridged terms, SkilledWorker can be condensed as the foremost foreign contingency recruitment enterprise in the country, being an industry leader in connecting international talent to preeminent firms across Canada – a rather concise summarisation of what we offer to our clients.

While this one-liner may offer the general gist of our final product, the journey undertaken to achieve that product is as much a part of what we are as the services we provide.

SkilledWorker emerged as the brainchild of immigration.ca. They had already been assisting skilled foreign workers to move to Canada for the last twenty years. However, they recognized that immigration is no longer simply a composite of a mere physical relocation – it also involves assimilating into the new culture, finding a job, and building a home.

This is where SkilledWorker found its beginnings. Constructed around the guiding nucleus of immigration.ca, it manifests as a necessary second step every foreign worker needs to take to truly immigrate to Canada. It answers that dreaded “what next?” question you may be asking yourself, in a simple yet comprehensive package delivered to you – by us.

Top talent working for you.

Our team of experts bring together the perfect blend of expertise, creativity and talent.  

For job seekers, we provide them with the right career building tools and guidance as well as employment opportunities that fit their professional experience and aspirations.

For employers, we leverage our complimentary skills to meet all their HR and recruitment needs through a creative and multidisciplinary approach. We offer them the guidance and support they are looking for.