3 Ways a Career Coach Can Help You in 2023 and Beyond

The word “career” comes from French, Italian, and Latin words that mean “road or racecourse” and “chariot.” This reflects the idea that your professional journey is like a race, with obstacles, competition, and twists. It’s important not to enter this race unprepared. You need mental discipline, guidance, and persistent skill application. This is where an experienced career coach can support you. 

What is a career coach? 

A career coach is someone who provides personalized support to job seekers. Their goal is to help you achieve your career goals in areas like planning, making changes, and making decisions. In 2023, with the changing job market after The Great Resignation, even experienced professionals face new challenges. A career coach’s resourcefulness becomes a valuable asset for success. 

These professionals specialize in finding job openings in your field. They act as a personalized search engine. They also have access to the latest information on labor market trends, CV norms, job-seeking do’s and don’ts, both in Canada and internationally. 

A career coach can be particularly helpful in three phases of the hiring process. Let’s break them down: 

  1. Optimizing your hiring materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, etc.)

One common frustration is not hearing back from employers after submitting resumes. Your resume may not even be seen by the hiring manager because of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This software scans applications for relevant keywords and rejects those that don’t meet the criteria. A career coach can tailor your application materials to pass the ATS screening and increase your chances of getting to the interview stage. 

  1. Preparing for interviews (in-person, online, or phone)

 Getting an interview can make you feel ecstatic, but it’s natural to feel nervous as well. Each interview is unique, with different questions and formats. A career coach can help you practice mock interviews and provide feedback, which will help boost your confidence. 

  1. Finding prospective employers that suit your career needs

With numerous job postings available online, it can be overwhelming to know where to focus your efforts. Applying to the right positions is crucial for success. A career coach can provide a database of employers who are looking for someone like you. They can help you identify the most relevant opportunities and save you time and effort. 

Where can you find a career coach?  

Well, if you’re reading this article, you’re in luck! SkilledWorker.com offers industry-leading career coaching services, covering everything mentioned above and more. They even have specialized packages for specific career paths (such as their nurse and physician packages) that cater to international candidates looking to work in Canada. Visit SkilledWorker.com today to learn more! 



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