3 Daily Habits To Find a Job From Overseas 

Looking for a job is tricky in more ways than one, especially when the location of the prospective job is overseas. The reason, after all, is simple:  international job openings get applications from competitive professionals around the globe, not just the region the position is located in. So as an international job seeker, you are essentially competing with the entire world.

Sound challenging? If it does, don’t worry — acknowledging challenges is the first step. It’s important to recognize that effort will be required. However, effort doesn’t need to be squeezed into a weekend; in fact, it’s more impactful when consistently applied over time.

In this article, we will cover 3 daily habits that you can develop to help secure the job you want.

1. Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often underestimated. Not just by international job seekers, but Canadian ones too.

If used correctly, LinkedIn remains one of the most powerful tools for job seekers. Try to dedicate just 15-30 minutes each day on LinkedIn. By dedicating this time, you may see an increase in profile views, responses from employers, or messages from recruiters.

For that to happen, use this time to ensure that your profile is complete, professional, and highlights your skills and experience. Connect with professionals in your industry, both in Canada and internationally. Engage in relevant discussions and share valuable content to boost your visibility and network. Additionally, don’t forget to check the latest job posts every day to stay in the loop about any new job opportunities.

2. Industry Research and News

Stay informed about your industry and the Canadian job market by dedicating 20 minutes daily to research and news. Subscribe to industry newsletters, read relevant articles, and follow key influencers on social media. This habit not only enhances your knowledge but also provides valuable talking points during networking conversations and interviews. 

3. Skill Enhancement

Invest 30 minutes daily in enhancing your skills. Take online courses, participate in webinars, or engage in self-directed learning related to your field. Acquiring new skills not only makes you more competitive but also demonstrates your commitment to professional development, a quality highly valued by employers. 

A key skill that we recommend our clients develop is in language. Canada is a bilingual country, and if you know both English and French, you have already set yourself apart from even some Canadian applicants!


By dedicating just over an hour each day to these three strategic habits, you can significantly improve your chances of finding a job in Canada from overseas. Remember, consistency is key, and these habits collectively contribute to a well-rounded and effective job search strategy. 



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