Why you need a Career Coach in 2023

Getting a job you hustled and sweat over is incredibly rewarding. Your combination of skills, experience and determination resulted in you achieving your goal, and now you can start building the career of your dreams.

Finding a job, however, can be incredibly tedious if not a bit demoralizing. You spend hours editing your resume and rewriting your cover letter. You wait for callback interviews that may never come, and let’s not even talk about rejection emails. 

In 2023, let’s leave that behind. You need a career coach because only a career search can optimize your job search, upgrade your resume, and help you get your dream job in as little time as possible.

What is a career coach?

A career coach is a lot of things in one person. They can be a resume builder, a CV maker, the best job search engine you can hire; in other words, your secret weapon to get the job you desire. To simplify it, the different ways a career coach can help you can be classified into three different categories:

  1. Optimizing your hiring materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn)
  2. Prepare you for interviews
  3. Give you access to the best prospective employers

A career coach makes your hiring materials better

Did you know the vast majority of resumes submitted for a job posting are never read? Part of that is because most people who apply for a job aren’t qualified. But, especially for competitive job postings, it can be hard to make it out of the pack of applicants who actually have the skills ready for the job. 98% of resumes are eliminated at the initial resume screening, and after that, only 2% make it to the interview process.

A career coach can help you make it to that sought-after 2 %. The vast majority of applicants are eliminated through Applicant Tracking Software, which automatically scans applications for relevant keywords to the job posting. The more of those keywords you have – the more likely you are not to get eliminated. The right career coach can review your resume or CV, cover letter, or any other part of your application to make sure it puts you in the best position possible to get an interview. They’ll help you word your experience and skills in the right way to get the attention of recruiters. Career coaches can help advise you on everything from keywords to formatting, too much more.

Interview prep is best with a career coach

Getting an interview is incredibly exciting…for a minute. After that, it’s common to feel nervous and stressed about your interview. How do you prepare? What do you research? If it’s an online interview – do I need a better internet connection or webcam? If it’s in person – how do I get there?

A career coach can help make sure those nerves turn into confidence. By practicing with you, giving you feedback on your answers, and ensuring you have everything you need, a great career coach won’t just help you get an interview, they’ll help you do great at an interview.

Find the best prospective employers with a career coach

The great thing about the internet is that you find anything here. The tough thing about the internet is that you can find anything on here. When you’re looking for a job, information overload can be quite common. Nowadays there are tons of search engines and job boards (Google, Google jobs, Workopolis, LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed and that just scratches the surface) to look for where you want to be employed.

However, if you get a career coach at the right company, that career coach likely has a database of employers to take the time out of your search. No more bookmarking dozens of websites and leaving your tabs open, you may be able to (1) have access to said database, (2) get your career coach to find the best leads from the database or (3) both. 

So if a career coach can make your resume, get you an interview, get you ready for an interview, and give you the best job leads for your career of choice, where can you find a career coach?

Where can I find a career coach?

For career coaches, SkilledWorker.com is your go-to. Their career coaching services can do everything discussed above, and more. Skilledworker.com has specific packages for certain career paths, such as a Nurse package and a Physician package for international candidates who are looking to work in Canada. Check out SkilledWorker.com today to level up your career.



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