Six ways a recruiting agency can help you find a job

Finding a job … finding a career is no easy task. Despite what you might think, you don’t need to tackle it on your own. Enlisting a recruiting agency’s help can better your chances of landing your ideal job in whatever market you face. An agency can act as your coach, guide, support system, and more — often without a cost to you.

This article lists six reasons how a recruiting agency can help you land your next role. 

Specialized labour market and industry knowledge 

Some agencies specialize in a particular market. This could be in accounting or engineering or in helping skilled immigrants land a Canadian job. These companies have specialized knowledge about how the labour market and industry are in their current state. 

This knowledge gives you an upper hand because you can then better navigate the market as you apply for roles. 

The help of an agency can also explain the norms of particular markets and industries. Especially if you come from a different country, the job finding process could be substantially different. For example, some industries expect a two-page resume while others only accept one-page resumes. 

Without the proper guide, you may not understand these nuances and get left behind. 

Extensive network of employers looking to hire

At least 70% of jobs aren’t posted on public job boards or other listings. These companies don’t want to be bombarded with resumes from individuals who aren’t the right fit or qualified for the job. Instead, they enlist the help of their networks for referrals or the services of a recruiting agency. 

Working with a recruiting agency can put you in touch with some of this 70% of jobs in the hidden job market. They can introduce you to the right people and help you secure an interview for a role others wouldn’t have known existed. 

Guidance with your resume, cover letter, and interview

Writing a resume and cover letter and preparing for an interview are not easy tasks. An agency can help you in this process as well. Recruiters have significant experience reviewing resumes and cover letters, so they understand what’s good and bad. 

An agency has expert recruiters who can review your application package to make it the best it can be. An agency recruiter can further tailor your application package depending on specific industry norms. 

Similarly, recruiters have sat in many job interviews — often on the hiring end. They understand what makes a great interview and a bad one. They are usually open to hosting mock interviews to prepare candidates for the real thing so that you’re prepared to secure your dream role. 

Understand what you can work on

If you’re not getting interviews or job offers, a recruiting agency can assist you in understanding why. Recruiters can provide the perspective of the employer or speak to them on your behalf. Maybe your software skills aren’t up to par, or your English may be weaker than the competition. 

By finding this information, an agency can explain what skills you need to work on to improve your chance at securing a job. This way, you aren’t aimlessly applying and interviewing for roles where the competition will ultimately oust you. 

Another person to join the process

The job-search process is challenging. It’s emotionally exhausting at times. Working with a recruiting agency means you’re not going at it alone. Every time an interview falls flat, someone is there to help encourage you for the next one. If you end up with multiple offers, there’s someone there to talk you through which role you might want more. 

Although a recruiter is there to collect commissions from the employer for helping them find their ideal candidate, they’re also here for you. A recruiting agency’s role isn’t only to make a profit but also to link skilled applicants with a perfect employer. 

A recruiting agency can be a skilled partner to join you on your job search. Often, their services won’t cost you anything either, as it’s the employer paying the agency to find it employees. 

If you’re looking for a new role, reach out to SkilledWorker today to work with our expert recruitment team. 



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