Module Two

Optimization of LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the best networking tool available for professionals. The key is to develop your professional profile and branding so you stand out in LinkedIn. 

Most head hunters and talent acquisition managers use LinkedIn to find their best candidates. It only takes a few seconds for them to screen suitable candidates and make a decision who to contact for a first interview. 

Our team of experts will give you tips to attract potential employers in your field and create an efficient professional profile. 

From targeting industries, building endorsements, creating job alerts, and more, we will teach you on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Real-time Coaching

In a competitive job market, you need guidance and HR tips to stand out. Our HR experts will be there to help you step by step, guiding you to that end. They will be able to closely follow up on your progress and update you on the current labour market and trends. 

They will also advise you on which specific areas to improve or strategies to adopt. 

Take this opportunity to gather as much information as possible on how to create an efficient professional online presence. 

You will learn how and when to apply for jobs and most importantly where and to whom. Avoid any detrimental mistakes with the assistance of our personalized one-on-one coaching! 

Customized Online Training

Our EECP package includes a variety of professional tools that will allow you to strengthen your soft and hard skills in order to increase your chances to be picked by a Canadian employer. 

Based on your professional needs and the areas you need to improve,  we will assign you online courses to strengthen your candidature. 

Having access to exclusive courses will allow you to have an edge in the job market to help you land the perfect Canadian job.