Module Three

One-way Video Interview

One-way video interviews as a pre-screening tool or visual CV are extremely important in the current labour market, especially under our new Covid-19 normal. 

Most companies recruit foreign talent online, which eliminates a crucial part of the hiring process, which is human contact. For potential employees, flying to another country for recruitment is not an option due to the high travel costs. 

For these reasons, HR managers and talent acquisition specialists pre-screen candidates using this automated visual tool. They use the pre-recorded answers and visual presentation to pre-select candidates based on visual information. 

It is imperative you give the right first impression. To that end, we will assist you in creating a short yet effective video, showcasing and highlighting your education, soft and hard skills, professional experience, achievements, personality and future career goals. 

The final version of your one-way video interview will be available on our platform for you to use during your own job search for one year. 

On our end, we will also showcase and promote the final copy of your one-way video interview to our employers on and GRN of Montreal.

Real-time, one-one-one coaching
How does it benefit you?

As a complement to creating a one-way video interview, you will be able to practice on several occasions and prepare yourself for different types of questions and interview scenarios. 

With our coach-led guidance, you will receive direct and personalized feedback from our HR experts: from learning how to introduce and sell yourself in a couple of minutes, to curtailing bad habits such as your verbal and nervous tics.  

We will train you so you develop the confidence to answer any questions during a telephone or live interview. With our HR experts’ assistance, you will distinguish yourself from other candidates. 

Let us coach you so you succeed in landing the perfect job! 

Customized Professional Online Courses For Interview Preparation & Extra Data Base of Potential Employers

Online courses will be selected by your HR mentor, based on your unique profile and specific needs. You will have access to strategic up-to-date online training that aims to develop your professional profile and online presence, where you will gain invaluable skills such as:

  • Developing a commanding presence
  • Raising verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Building confidence
  • Natural speaking with effective eye contact
  • Audience interaction
  • Speaking effectively from notes
  • Setting your virtual stage and technical equipment
  • How to deliver complex information both verbally and non-verbally

In addition to the online training, an extra database of potential employers will also be provided to you which means you will have the possibility to connect with a total of 500 leads with emails during your job search.  

Increase your chances and don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out and expand your professional connection and network!

Preparation of Telephone
& Face-to-face Interviews

The last part of this training is probably one of the most important one as it is designed to prepare you for live interviews. 

Your HR mentor will give you exclusive tips and strategies that will help to prepare for live interviews. 

From preparing your technical equipment for Zoom interviews to learning how to behave professionally and handle stressful interview questions, you will make the right impression.