Module One

Canadian-style Resume

Every country has its own beauty, culture, set of rules and cultural nuances that make it unique. As a result, this is a significant challenge for international candidates who need to understand the Canadian job market when they are living abroad.

The creation of a Canadian-style resume/CV is imperative when applying for a job in Canada. Let us help you write the perfect CV so you can impress potential employers. 

Our team of HR experts will make sure to showcase properly all of your achievements, education and employment history in a concise & professional manner that will impress Canadian employers.

Cover Letter

Cover letters are a must when it comes to professionals applying for a job from abroad. A properly written cover letter complements your CV by providing additional details.

To be effective, cover letters must not only highlight achievements, education and work experience but also add another layer to a candidate’s credentials.

Because it only takes a few seconds for Canadian recruiters to choose candidates from hundreds of profiles, well-done cover letters are crucial in making you stand out. 

With the help of our HR experts, you will have a winning cover letter ready to impress Canadian employers.

DataBase of Prospective Employers

When job searching, it is imperative to have the right tools to develop your professional network in order to be able to contact potential employers.

This is specialty true for international candidates. Sometimes it is difficult to connect with a potential employer online.

To help you get started with your job search, we will provide you with a comprehensive database of prospective employers tailored to your career goals and experience. 

This database includes 350 leads with complete contact information, who we identify as potential hiring companies in your occupation in Canada.  Our contact list of potential employers is compiled with current and up-to-date information.

Don’t miss out on this great tool to contact potential employers quickly and effectively.