153-6 Main Street San Jorge. El Estor, Izabal. Guatemala (502) 4972-1642, (502) 5918-3661 [email protected] PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I am a socially responsable and dynamic person; always helpful and motivated to serve others. I am fully qualified in marketing and publicity, customer service, technical assistance, coordination and empowerment of employees in the implementation of workshops and projects within the service industry. Although I am requiring a Work Visa, I have complete confidence in my ability to provide a direct and immediate contribution to the success of your company. Professions:  Marketing and Publicity Assistant  Public Relations & Supervisor Assistant  Customer/Technical Service & Sales  Elementary Education Teacher with Bilingual Orientation (Spanish/ Q̕eqchi̕) Skills and Acreditations • 3 year scholarship for Iberoamerican Universitarian Foundation (FUNIBER) • Intermediate proficiency in Windows 8, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Word, Excel • Typing speed of 55-60 wpm • Compassionate and attentive customer service skills • Cultivated verbal and written communication skills in Spanish and Native Guatemalan Dialects • Ability to motívate in a team environment to empower and strengthen diverse groups • Skilled in research and implementation of employee training workshops • EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Proficiency 75% • Work Visa Required Education 2011-2013 Elementary and Junior High Level Teaching Degree Institute of Magisterial Formation with Bilingual Orientation (INFOMBI) El Estor, Izabal 2008-2010 High School Mixed Particular Institute of Basic and Diversified Education Dr. Pedro Molina Bananera Morales, Guatemala Diplomas & Program Certificates 2015 Teamwork Workshop Reg #. 2015-081423 (56 hrs) INTECAP El Estor, Guatemala 2013 Metallurgy: Ferrous Metals Reg #. 0011354 (100 hrs) INTECAP AK'NALEB' Formation Center , Guatemala 2007 Computer Laboratory Diploma Liceo Vocacional Coactemalan, Guatemala 2007 Microsoft Office: Word & Power Point National Institute of Basic Education, Guatemala 2004 Maya Q̕eqchi̕ Language Diploma Urban Private School Mixed Maya St. Peter, Guatemala 2004 Typing Diploma : Methods 1-3 Superior Typing Academy. Guatemala Experience: Social Worker / Hermano Pedro Association Unbound / Guatemala 2015 • Promoting Sponsership and child development in personal, social and educational programs • Coordinating Research for new Sponsership Candidates • Training workshops for efficient use of family resources to improve the quailty of life • Comprehensive knowledge and implementation of emergency assistance procedures 24 Hr Sales Clerk / Batres Farmacy/ El Estor, Guatemala 2014 • Customer Service and Sales Isolation Supervisor Assistant/ Comercial & Construction Logístics NC National / El Estor, Guatemala 2014 • Supervision and Implementation of Duct Isolation Projects • Proposal management and installation • Problem Diagnosis and Solutions • Research Assistant • Coordination of Employee Training • Warehouse Inventory / Distribution of Equipment Typing Instructor/ Typing Academy “Shalom” / El Estor, Guatemala Jan-Apr 2013 • Realization of student workshops • Strengthening leadership and group training Public Relations Assistant / Mayaniquel S.A / Chulac, Panzos AltaVerapaz 2010. • Strengthening and promoting company contribution in developing rural areas • Coordinating horticultural projects • Training Workshops in Auto Sustainability Development Customer Service & Sales / Gran Foto/ El Estor, Izabal 2009-2010 • Technical Assistance • Routine maintenance, diagnosis and repair of equipment • Customer Service and Sales References: Valdemar Juárez 5918-9642. PAE: Olga Ramos 4778-5350 MEPU: Heidy Caal Hernández. 5042-0512 Ing. Osmar Cugua. 5209-1661. Gerente Gran Foto El Estor. Lic. Miguel Ángel Gonzales. Cel: 5345-8854. Supervisor Educativo. Profa: Ana Laura García. Cel: 5527-1774 Sra.: Ángela de Jesús Pérez Cel: 59061472

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