Thank you for providing me the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Khawaja Mudassar Shehzad. I have been born in a big city of Pakistan Chakwal. I have done my intermediate education form Punjab collage Chakwal. I completed my graduation in electrical engineering from UET Taxila affiliated institute IUSE School Of Engineering and Management Sciences Rawalpindi. I serve 4 years as an engineering section representative. I wish to pursue a job in electrical engineering department because engineering is all about using science to find creative practical solutions. It is the noblest profession. I had done an internship in the electrical department of the DG cement khan factory from 11 august 2015 to 10 September 2015. Now I have been starting working at National Institute Of Electronics as an automotive electronic training engineer .Automotive electronic have three sub branches. Research Lab, Computerized Automobile is tuning, and training facility, In research lab I am dealing with Diagnostic tools such as launch, Snap on, Uni-chip . I am also working on an engine basic components, installing and repairing starting system of the vehicle, installing and repairing charging system of the vehicle, repairing electrical accessories of the vehicle. In Second time, am working on embedded system electronics. In SMT component placement system the whole setup is made up of SM Tech. I am learning to work on machines like Tucano which have a capacity of inserting 25 PCB, Cobra and Paraquda .The strongest thing I found in my personality is that I am a quick learner, I learn things very quickly. As an engineering department representative I learn how to handle high pressure, how to organize different things in a given length of time, how to communicate with different groups of people. . As a final year project leader I learnt how to represent and fulfill your task in a given length of time. The weakest point in my personality, I found that I can't say no to people. I believe I am quite straight forward and open to my approach. I am a strong believer of the saying that action speaks louder than words which implies that just saying you do something is not meant much. Actually doing is harder and more meaningful. My role model is my mother. From her teaching I am able to differentiate between right and wrong. Thank you I am looking for a positive response from your side.

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