PhD in Human Resource Management (University of Wales, UK), MA in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (Keele, UK), M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (University of Lagos, Nigeria), BSc (University of Port Harcourt) I possess over 6 years of training volunteers for charity work in the UK as well as over 2 years of preparing and delivering lecturers to a large number of students from diverse backgrounds. I also have effortlessly engaged with students in order to give them a sound scholarly learning experience (see documents 1). I have developed, prepared and delivered various units; in fact my colleagues (Professors Matthew Haigh and Jonathan Winterton) and I have developed a revised improvement of a curriculum (see document 2) in Communication in Business. I have also collaborated with other scholars from Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia in researching on the topic “Transitions from Education to Work: Workforce ready challenges in the Asia Pacific” which eventually led to the publication of a book chapter by a world class publisher (see below). Salleh, M, N., Emelifeonwu, J. & Chan, K.M. (2017). Work readiness in Malaysia. In Transitions from Education to Work: Workforce ready challenges in the Asia Pacific. Routledge. [ISBN: 978-1-138-69175-9].

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