- Born in Italy and moved to the prosperous Venezuela back in ´78 as a small kid. - I have studied in one of the most challenging techs at that time and attained BsC in electronics. - I´ve spent great deal of the last 22 years moving across the world in the oil and gas service industry with Schlumberger. I have been in 9 countries in 3 different continents with a variety of job positions and mainly in management and sales roles in the last ten. I find that a smart balance is always required between our people, our customers and our goals as organization to maximize our profits. Finding the right equilibrium is always attributable to having the right person at the right place and I strongly believe that people makes a difference in a successful business. I´ve been always involved in new technologies (specific for the o&g business) from field testing, planning and executing, to convincing clients, overcoming specific country challenges all the way to marketing input to R&D.

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